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loved it Elly

another great and funny post


I concur! And oh how I miss chatting with you in person, the wit, the traffic stopping volume. I swear if we end up anywhere on the east coast I'm coming for a visit. I need my E fix. Still no for all I know we could end up in Grinell Iowa...look it's in the middle of freakin nowhere.

I remember you telling the story of your friend Tim peeing next to Norman didn't say he was with with Sharon Stone for a WOW.

I miss you Eleanor!

Emily Gordon

Well put! Did you see this? I thought it was pretty good, too.


I never knew if he was right about Marilyn Monroe being murdered by the FBI or the CIA, but once NKM cast his daughter Kate in the role of Marilyn in his ill-fated off-broadway play his journalistic integrity hardly mattered anymore. She was doomed to die at the hands of her incestuous fater who had long fancied the peroxided masturbatory bimbette. The title of the play -- Strawhead -- appropriately defines both the hair color and the mental capacity of the women Mailer liked, more scarecrow meets sexgoddess than true human being. Of course, we all have our fantasies.


I don't know what I'm going to do when Joan Didion dies; Susan Sontag's death hit me hard. Joan Didion, of course, is the last of my Holy Trinity of Writers still living (the other two being Susan Sontag and Lester Bangs).

Having George Plimpton and Hunter S. Thompson and Norman Mailer gone casts a time when the progenitors of "New Journalism" will be gone. And once Gore Vidal's out of the picture, the "public intellectual" may very well be extinct.

Reminds me of an old George Jones song...."Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?"


Just to let you know....
Norman Mailer received the Bad Sex in Fiction Award:

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